STA (RF version)-Residual Torque Verification

STA (RF version)-Residual Torque Verification

What are required

ZIPPTORK 021 1 System Architecture



  1. Insert Dongle into NB or Tablet.
  2. Open the TMS software.
  3. Set the Dongle port.
  4. Enter the STA mode and then press the “Setup” button to enter the “Setup” page.
  5. Select the combination code.
  6. Follow the combination shown in the tool combination code to complete the tool combination (head with STA and the wrench )
  7. Turn on the STA transducer.
  8. Select the STA transducer you want to use (To be the same tool combination setting).
  9. Select the working mode <Torque Verification>.
  10. Set the inspection conditions and accuracy.
  11. Return to work page.
  12. Set the target torque.
  13. Set the target angle.
  14. Start inspection.
  15. Loosen the STA after tightening to the target angle prompted by the system.
  16. QC judgment.
  17. System complete with work record (operator ID, date & time target torque, actual torque, inspection conditions & accuracy and tool combination code).

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