TTAH Wireless Torque Transducer (Static)

Wireless torque transducer with patented anti-vibration mechanism, designed for tolerating violent vibration of discontinuous torque tools during assembly.


Ideal for

1. dynamic toque control of air impact wrenches and oil pulse wrenches to do closed-loop torque control

2. oil pulse wrench or clutch-type torque tool or the torque tool equipped with a built-in torque  mechanism to do torque calibration before work and real-time torque monitoring during assembly while displaying the data in the tablet instantly via a Dongle and APP for further transmitting to peripheral devices or cloud servers

3. click wrench to collect torque data as soon as it clicks to make an audible click visible


This series of Transducers can be custom-made with a specific size of the hexagonal opening for the correspondent size of bolt or nut.

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